I Long for a Simple Life


I’ve really got this suspicion. I think people today are overloaded. It’s culturally acceptable, for some reason, and business is a marker of success. Whether I’m right or not about people, I know this has been true to me. I intend to change this for my sake, and for the sake of all my children.

To me, there are just way too many options. I think this is because of manufacturers push to place the best, new and most useful products in front of us, the consumers. You might call this consumerism, but I don’t know. Because of all these options, I usually don’t put as much thought as I’d like to while purchasing most things, especially for the house or yard. Maybe this is just my problem.

What I’ve determined to do is to put thought in to everything. I want a simple life. I don’t want 5 kitchen appliances when I could use a knife or grater. See my illustration? I’m still sorting most of this out in my mind, but want to share my journey. Until my next entry, here are some pictures that speak “simple life” to me.





What is Faith?

Faith begins as the confident expectation God will act according to His character upon your request. Faith processes your character to conform to His and shapes your actions to live in the reality of seeing what you hope for.